Month: September 2019

Blick über die verschienden Farbschichten einer Mine

Australia’s biggest talc mine

Just a few kilometers outside of Three Springs, Australia’s biggest talc mine can be observed from a lookout.

Welcome to Wildflower Country!

In Three Springs in the Wildflower Country you can marvel at beautiful wildflowers that are blooming here in the springtime.

alte Kirche auf einer Wiese

Central Greenough Historic Settlement

The Central Greenough Historic Settlement is located a few kilometres north of Dongara. It consists of buildings built from 1863 to 1913 and has been restored by the National Trust.

altes Auto, das als Wegweise dient

Wooramel River Retreat

Wooramel Station lies 120 km south of Carnarvon and 340 km north of Geraldton. There is a campground attached to the working station, we spend our weekend there.

Satellitenschüssel schwarz-weiss

Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum

Carnarvon has a history with space travel, and it’s proud of that history. There is a small museum full of memorabilia that is well worth a visit.

Hofeinfahrt mit Palmen

Fruit and Vegetables from Carnarvon

Carnarvon is one of the big agricultural regions of Western Australia, and supplies the state with fresh fruit and vegetables.

The Yardie Creek Walk Trail

The Yardie Creek Walk Trail is most beautiful early in the morning. As we camped just next door on the Yardie Creek Campground, we were able to start early.

Abendstimmung mit Schlucht

Yardie Creek Road and Campground

The Yardie Creek Roads leads through the Cape Range National Park. At its end, there is the Yardie Creek Campground, right next to the walking trail.

Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a small seaside town between Carnarvon and Exmouth. It profits from its proximity to the Ningaloo Reef and the beautiful beaches.

The long and (un)winding road

The Northwest Coastal Highway is a long, straight road, tends to be flooded and caused this dreadful Beatles Headline.

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