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Fleeing the rain

September 1st! The first day of spring, the sun is shining! Or it isn’t, because Perth experiences a few days of well deserved (and necessary) rainfall.

Blick durch Windschutzscheibe auf Autobahn im Regen

We had planned to spend a few days around Perth, but a quick scan of the weather forecast let us change our plans and flee north. Fortuately we were able to do our groceries, even if it was sunday, because the malls still open at 11 a.m.

So, freshly replenished, off we went on Brand Highway and up north. 220 km later, through at times torrential downpours, we arrived on the Free Campground at Lake Indoon. The sun came out just in time to create a nice evening light, then it got dark.

The campground is quite big, but there were quite a few people, too. We were greeted by a Kookaburra and some Australian Ringnecks (small green and colorful parrots). On the quiet lake swam black swans and other waterbirds. We walked a few meters, than we went back to our mobile home, withdrawing from mosquitoes and the evening chill.

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