Blick zu einer Felsformation, die einem Regenbogen ähnelt
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The Rainbow Valley Trail

Kalbarri’s coastline is quite impressive. Last time we visited, we went to Red Bluff Lookout, this time we walked the Rainbow Valley Trail. We even saw some whales out in the water, but they seemed to be bored and did not stay.

Hinweisschild mir Erklärung zum Walk

The Rainbow Valley Trail is described as category 4 out of 5 (in Switzerland, it would probably be category 2, category 1 being “wheelchair accessible”… haha). There were some rocky parts we had to climb, but the ascent and the difficulty level was absolutely doable for reasonably experienced walkers. To be wearing sturdy footwear is necessary, and in the summertime it would surely be important to bring water and sun protection.

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