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Yardie Creek Road and Campground

We got lucky and were able to book two nights on the Yardie Creek Campground in Cape Range National Park. There are twelve campgrounds in this National Park, and all of them were fully booked. Yardie Creek is the last one, at the end of the Yardie Creek Road, that leads 50 km through the National Park. Most of it goes straight ahead, no surprise there.

The road is narrow, signs warn about crossing wildlife and ask for cautious driving. Not without good reason:

Dingo im Schatten neben der Strasse
Old and tired dingo that lay in the shade alongside the road.

At the end of the road there is a parking lot, that’s where the Yardie Creek Walk Trail starts: A walking trail that leads along the only creek in the National Park that has water running throughout the year. There are boat tours from here, and there seems to be a quite demanding 4WD track starting from here (“In a National Park?” you ask? Yeah, us too.) All of that sounds like there is a lot going on the whole time, but in fact it is not that bad.

Just next to the parking you’ll find the Yardie Creek Campground – 10 spots, very little shade, but perfectly maintained by the two camp hosts. At first, I was a little disappointed – we were near the Ningaloo Reef after all, the western counterpart to the Great Barrier Reef, but the beach was not at all inviting for snorkeling or swimming.

But Yardie Creek offers a very different kind of beauty, and we would not want to miss it now. The good thing about this campground is its proximity to the creek and the creek’s wildlife. And we made good use of that.


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