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The Yardie Creek Walk Trail

The advantage of camping right next to the start of the Yardie Creek Walk Trail is to be able to start to walk the long trail really early in the morning. The morning light is just the most beautiful, and also the animals are most active in the early morning.

Starting in Exmouth, you need to allow 90 minutes to get to the Yardie Creek Walk Trail. We had it much easier with our three minutes walk. Sunrise is about 6:15 a.m. at the moment, we started around 7 – we wanted to have a little more sunlight in the gorge.

Erklärung Yardie Creek Walk Trail

There are two walks, a shorter one (Nature Walk), that leads to a lookout. Just a few meters before you reach the lookout, another trail leads to the longer walk along the gorge. The Nature Walk is graded and you can wear flip-flops. Yardie Gorge Trail, by contrast, is rocky, at times steep and you have to climb over rocks: The appropriate footwear is necessary. (That’s also what we told the girl in flip-flops we met on our way back, while she was flip-flopping along, playing loud music from her boombox…)

Shortly after we reached the lookout, we already had achieved what we came for: To see Black-footed Rock Wallabies. This endangered kind of wallaby only lives in the ranges of the Northern Territory and South Australia (where we already saw one, once, from far away), and here in the Cape Range National Park.

“Allow 2 hours” the sign says, even with taking tons of photos we only needed one and a half. And it was good to be walking that early: On our way back, we encountered the first few people, loudly talking amongst themselves – they probably don’t have a chance to meet any wallabies on the Yardie Creek Walk Trail.

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