Blick über Bathers Beach, die Skulpturen einer Ausstellung und Besucher
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Fremantle and Sculpture at Bathers

The first and the last stop on our trips is always a “real” caravanpark, with power and water, laundry and other amenities. This time, we had booked at Fremantle Village Caravanpark. This park is reasonably close to the South Beach, where the CAT, the free inner city bus, stops. We wanted to visit the city of Fremantle and also see Sculpture at Bathers, an outdoor art exhibition.

After having landed in Perth a little delayed on Saturday, we got the Quokkamobil and went shopping. Afterwards, we just tried to ignore the jetlag until it was time to go to bed. On sunday, we had planned to trip to Fremantle. As we woke at sunrise (greetings from the time difference), our day started quite early.

We walked to South Beach, realised the first bus was not yet to come for quite a while, and decided to go for a walk along the beach to get to the city. Not a problem, about half an hour later we had already arrived at Bathers Beach, where Sculpture at Bathers takes place. It was a beautiful day, accordingly there were quite a few people around the very interesting exhibition. Art pieces are shown on the beach and around it, and it is really nice to take a walk through them.

Afterwards, we went to the nearby Western Australian Shipwrecks Museum, not only because it is worth a visit, but also to get out of the sun for a while. The coast of WA is home to quite a few shipwrecks, most belonging to a time where the dutch tried to establish new trading routes along the coast. In the museum, which is free of charge (a $5 donation is recommended), the visitors can see a wide range of pieces and get a glimpse into the historical context. Who would have thought that one of the ingredients used while producing glass, does turn the glass from translucent to violet when exposed to salt water over a prolongued period of time?

After having visited the museum, we walked through Fremantle. A nice town, a little artsy, and very crowded on such a sunday afternoon. In the lively Fremantle Markets we got a snack – venezuelan specialities and fresh mango – and went to a park to have our picknick. For the trip home, we got onto the CAT bus back to South Beach – our feet were really tired at this point!

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