Author: Cookie

Geraldton – Kalbarri

From Geraldton we went along the coast to Kalbarri, via Pink Lake and Port Gregory.

The native greeting

“It’s the native greeting” said the man who approached me, grinning. He referred to the gesture we both made, trying to swap away the flies in front of our faces.

A whole different beast

“The sun is a whole different beast here”, the Australians say. And right they are!

The fridge is alive!

We arrived at the Caravan Repair here in Geraldton at 9 a.m.. The friendly gentleman had a look at our refrigerator: No error code, cooling via gas worked.

Indian Ocean Drive – Geraldton

Many small things

Many little things have intertwined, our preparations have paid off!

Wind in the gum tree

Kings Park Botanic Garden, Perth

Zurich – Dubai – Perth

Let’s go!

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