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aus Kohle geformte Gesichter in einem Baumloch

Understory, and the bushfires of Northcliffe

Northcliffe is a small town with a great art installation named Understory. Part of it are sculptures dedicated to the people who were affected by the bushfires in 2015

Tourism Australia Holiday Here This Year Kampagne

Holiday in Australia, despite the bushfires

Many tourists cancelled their plans to travel to Australia. But a holiday in Australia is possible despite the bushfires (or even because of them!).


Bushfires in Australia: How can we help?

Although Western Australia is not as affected by the bushfires as other parts of the country, we ask ourselves what we can do to help.

ausgeschlachtetes altes Auto auf freiem Feld

Yardie Homestead Campground

Some kilometers outside of the Cape Range National Park, there is Yardie Homestead with the added campground. It’s rural, in more than one sense.

Ausstellung von Olivenöl mit christlichem Foto darüber

New Norcia – A spanish monastery town in the middle of WA

New Norcia is the only monastery town in Australia. A little bit like it was beamed in from Spain, it sits in the middle of the Western Australia landscape. Bautiful, but with a little bit of a problematic history.

Kakadu mit Küken im Nest an einem Baum

The permanent soundscape of birds in Australia

What stands out to us every time we are there, is the permanent sound of birds in Australia.

alte Kirche auf einer Wiese

Central Greenough Historic Settlement

The Central Greenough Historic Settlement is located a few kilometres north of Dongara. It consists of buildings built from 1863 to 1913 and has been restored by the National Trust.

Hofeinfahrt mit Palmen

Fruit and Vegetables from Carnarvon

Carnarvon is one of the big agricultural regions of Western Australia, and supplies the state with fresh fruit and vegetables.

The long and (un)winding road

The Northwest Coastal Highway is a long, straight road, tends to be flooded and caused this dreadful Beatles Headline.

The story of the HMAS Sydney II

In Geraldton, on the top of a hill looking out over the city, you’ll find the HMAS Sydney War Memorial. The memorial commemorates the loss of 645 crew members of the HMAS Sydney II, an Australian war ship that tragically did not survive an encounter with the German Raider Kormoran on 19th of November, 1941.

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