bunter Ballon über Landschaft im Morgenlicht

Hot air ballooning in Western Australia

This is a more detailled report about our great hot air ballooning experience in Western Australia. It was beautiful!

Three Springs Eco Camping

The Three Springs Eco Camping.

Northampton Golf Course RV Parking

Information about the free parking at the Northampton Golf Club.

Kakadu mit Küken im Nest an einem Baum

The permanent soundscape of birds in Australia

What stands out to us every time we are there, is the permanent sound of birds in Australia.

Heissluftballon über einer Landschaft im Morgenlicht

Sunrise in a hot air balloon over the Avon Valley

We have been ballooning over the Avon Valley during sunrise.

Blick über die verschienden Farbschichten einer Mine

Australia’s biggest talc mine

Just a few kilometers outside of Three Springs, Australia’s biggest talc mine can be observed from a lookout.

Welcome to Wildflower Country!

In Three Springs in the Wildflower Country you can marvel at beautiful wildflowers that are blooming here in the springtime.

alte Kirche auf einer Wiese

Central Greenough Historic Settlement

The Central Greenough Historic Settlement is located a few kilometres north of Dongara. It consists of buildings built from 1863 to 1913 and has been restored by the National Trust.

altes Auto, das als Wegweise dient

Wooramel River Retreat

Wooramel Station lies 120 km south of Carnarvon and 340 km north of Geraldton. There is a campground attached to the working station, we spend our weekend there.

Satellitenschüssel schwarz-weiss

Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum

Carnarvon has a history with space travel, and it’s proud of that history. There is a small museum full of memorabilia that is well worth a visit.

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